What I believe

I am convinced that I am saved solely by the grace of God given to men through Jesus Christ and that, as such, my life is to be defined by his Word. It is my ambition that everything I do would reflect His glory and point people towards the Gospel.

What I do

I am a professional geek. I collect programming languages like some people collect stamps on their passports, although I generally have more fun with interpreted languages than compiled ones. I am among the minority that actually like perl regular expressions. I am a general lover of Linux and a frequent contributor to open source software. I transitioned to programming from other work because I was too busy automating my own work environment to actually do the other work. I have a hobby interest in cartography.

How to contact me

The best way to reach me is by email, but I have active phone numbers in both the US (+1 970 325 3030) and Turkey (+90 506 907 82 06). To connect for free from the US click here.

My Google+ profile has other contact details. I am sometimes reachable online through instant messaging using jabber, skype, aim, yahoo, msn or icq.

Even more Caleb

In the early days of social media I was reluctant to follow the crowd. That was a loosing battle! Now I try to use each network only in the capacity that seems to suit the medium and my fancy best, however the resulting hodge podge still might be hard for someone unfamiliar with my life to unravel so here is the lay of the land as I see it: My latest pictures are always found on flickr. Everything I find interesting is publically bookmarked on pinboard. You can follow my random thoughts on twitter. Google+ just ate my life, find what's left of me there. If you still think walled gardens are the way of the future, friend me on facebook.

In less exciting news, a lot of my old content from this site is lying around in a truely disorganized Wiki. Other dated profiles can be found on LiveJournal, Xanga, and MySpace.