Basic Instructions

(unfinished rant)

Have you ever played one of those games where you are given a very small set of simple instructions and then required to finish the game or do whatever was in the instructions to the best of your ability without being able to ask questions about the rules or get hints or anything?

I have led such games and I found some sort of twisted humor in sitting back and laughing at the futile attepts people make at following simple directions that they do not understand. I wonder how God feels.

Mexico city - camp - translation difficulties - climbing wall.

Sometimes I think life is like that. We have been given some of the simplest instructions on how to live that could be imagined. Not easy, but simple. Yet we mangle them beond recognition. We throw out the ones we don't like and make the ones we don't understand work the way we want them to and skip the ones we cannot explain and make up our own to go along with the ones we were given.

God has gone on ahead to prepare us a place and left us for a while, but not without his voice. He has been silent at times in the past (400 years?) but he is not silent now and we must ask for clarification and assitance to follow through on his instructions.