Contact Me


I love email. You can choose to email my work or personal addresses, but please save the trouble of processing everything twice by only using one at a time.


(970) 325-7997

This number will reach me on both my office and cell phones. If you have verizon and prefer to save minutes or want to text me, use 318-0187 to reach my cell directly.


421 Second Street
Ouray, CO 81427


PO Box 1114
Ouray, CO 81427

Instant Messaging

Thanks to the simple elegance of pidgin I am available online through most networks almost all the time. You can find me on aol as redmount2, yahoo as chiefworksstudio, on icq as 17251331, google as alerque/, msn as draftingchief, and jabber as alerque/ or caleb/

Social Networking

I tried to stay off of the bandwaggon, but in order to have access to my friends sites, I also have monikers on the Facebook, WordPress, LiveJournal, Xanga, MySpace,, Flickr, Frappr, and MSN Spaces networks.