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You've got a cool site. -- Chad

Mooooooo! :-) just had to make my presence known. -- The Princess

Very interesting website you have here. I accidentally stumbled upon it when I was looking for lyrics to Strike Thurman's "If the World Burns Down" song. I'm from Fort Collins, CO and I haven't the slightest idea where Ouray is. Just thought I'd say hi though and stuff! So "HI!" :-D -- Lisa from Ft. Collins

Caleb - It's Craig Meyer, a fellow old Chief User from Florida. Long time no hear from! Was very pleased to see all your pics from the Yuccatan Missions. I was involved with David and Georgina Solt who were missionarys in Merida back in the 70's. I must say it was one of the high lights of my life. I have lost touch with them over the years and don't even know if they are still living. They would be their 70's or 80's now I would suspect. I'm glad you were able to experience that first hand, and know in my heart that it touched you also. Stay well ... -- Craig in Buckingham, Florida

Amen Caleb - way to take a public stand! -- John

Caleb - Thank you for getting Laura's webpage started and for helping lead her to the light. Take as good care of her as she does of you, if not for yourself, for me. I'm too many miles away to be "Mom" much anymore. -- Beth Adams

Caleb - Your cousin Peter here. Nice site bro!. I was encouraged to read your response to [Urbana|/photos/Urbana03]. It is awesome how the Lord is at work in your heart. Keep walking in obedience! - Peter Maclennan