Is Change Possible

I was sure glad when the kids left on Wednesday afternoon and I could go homeStateOfTheWorld
Can the world we live in be revolutionized to be more like the way God intended us to live? I think so, but I don't know where to start. In the mean time I am glad we have JesusChrist's return to look forward to.
The world today is filled with examples of how we don't have to live. Billions struggle through abject poverty, lucky to find food each day. Others find means to survive but live in dirty cities with bars on every window and dirty water dripping from the tap. Others have made their way in the world and live in reasonable safty in a middle class neighborhood where the neighbors dog barks all night and they guy across the street is cheeting on his wife. Then there are the millions who live in gated communities where their house has to be a little nicer that the Joneses and people have initials after their names lableing their education or job status. Some live in marble palaces with every modern conviences possible. Yet in every case you find that most people have despared of finding real meaning in life and only just live.
Ever since the fall of man life has not been easy, yet I do not believe it is nessesary for such masses of humanity to not be able to wear a smile and say that life is good.

Although I strongly believe in government's importance, I have been cured of putting much hope into any government for social change. I want to weep over the corruption I%uFFFDve seen in some countries. How can doctors in China allow their patients to die, unless they are paid a bribe? How can African governments steal the money intended to build housing for the poor? And in the US, how can we allow the poor to keep getting poorer while the wealthy keep getting wealthier?