State Of The World


(unfinished rant)

By human standards the world is getting old. Even the YoungEarth people like me give it about 6 thousand years now. Of that about the last three thousand years of human activities are well documented.

Looking back over history I see lots of patterns. Whole civilizations rise and fall like the tides. Technilogically, we have been climbing a ladder since the tower of bable episode, but behaviorially nothing much has changed since Adam got kicked out the garden. Reading through the descriptions of ancient nations in the old testimat brings to mind several mondern nations that fit the same mold. The tools and languages have changed but not the social structures.

Working down in Mexico has been a real eye opener for me. Ouray is defenitly a sheltered environment. People here are mostly agreeable and crime is kept to a minimum. Cities in Mexico are a different story. Everybody has the attitude of only looking out for themselves and yet they live in concrete huts on fithy streets and can't drink the water. Cancun is especially scarry since it has been built almost entirely in the last thirty years, and yet to all apearences it is as dirty and run down as everything else.

Every society seems to have had a specific downfall. Often this is slavery. Societies with ruling uper classes who's wims are the people command eventually stumble when the people rebel. Dictatorships are even shorter lived because mutenies can start higher up. It seems that the longest lasting societies are based on religeous traditions. Tribal groups that have no social class structure other than that set by their traditional religieous beliefs seem to stick around virtual unchanged for centry after centry.