Super Bowl

This game sucks. Really. Even the commercials suck this year. In years past I have enjoyed doing things like skiing while everybody else parties, and then downloading the commercials later. That was when the commercials were worth watching.

This year I got suckered into actually watching the game. We're at second and ten (whatever that means) and I still don't even know who's playing and only two bearable commercials have played. These things used to be funny - now most of them are just crude or stupid or both.

Then there are those two announcer dudes. I didn't think any amount of money could pay off two chaps to talk such nonsence. They must have really looked around for those two. Or maybe they surgicaly altered their brains, taking out all the important bits. With all that empty room inside why don't they put that fancy headset inside where it would be protected from the gatorade splashes?

The only thing that got my full ear towards the screen all day was the clip they played from POD's Alive. A bright spark in the dim smoulder of the rest of the show. Espcially anoying was Shanai Twain at the half time show, pracing around in a leather cape (and not much else), singing what has to be one of the stupidest songs in the history of the world. I think I'll go watch the pizza come out of the oven!

There must be brains behind these commercials, because this all complaints about stupidety and appropriateness aside, some of the commercials aren't without a punch line. The zebra thing was quite a throughal analogy to the game itself. There were a couple of other good budwizer clips as well, such as the black chap with the hairdo or the freak with the three arms or the 'such a great listener' girl. Others had the punch lines but were only surface deep, such as the antique phone or the courtoom office supply thing. Wow that was stupid!

So I guess the dot.commers went awol and the other decent creative minds are on vaction so we're stuck with stupid comercials, stupid crude commercials, previews of stupid movies, a bunch of big fat stupid people bashing into each other trying to get a ball one direction or the other and hot chicks trying to get fat couch potatos to drink bear. Brilliant.

I don't want to be the guy with a thousand yards and seven touch downs because great to me is haveing the trophy at the end of the day. Without it your just a good football player.

What is that supposed to mean?