The Two Towers

The second book in JRR Tolkein's TheLordOfTheRings.

The Movie= Weta did a great job with the speciall effects. The battle and cg stuff is incredible. Unfortunatly PeterJackson took way to many liberties with the story line. Frodo is never supposed to go to Osgiliath, Faramir isn't such a fool, Elrond doesn't despair of helping the world or fight Arwen's decision to stick to middle earth, the eleves aren't supposed to show up at helm's deep so save the men, the ents are supposed to do that, and the ends aren't supposed to decide to be so selfish and stuck to their forest where only a little trickery gets them going.

GRRRRRR. I'm way to upset to be reasable right now so read Naomi Chana's [critique of The Two Towers|].

One and only one comment has this guy even read the book.